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Who we are...

Abundant Life Fellowship is a non denominational church with the desire to reach our community in practical ways.  The motto which we often refer to is Reaching up and Moving out - reaching to God for our direction and moving to connect with others, in our community and beyond to exemplify His love. 

Who is our God?

We believe in the one God, Jehovah creator of heaven and earth who gave us eternal life through the sacrifice of His son the Saviour Jesus Christ and who works through us with the Holy Spirit. 

Our God is awesome and loving.  He wants what is best for us and has offered us the incredible gift of eternal life with Him in a very real and wonderful place called Heaven. The gift is offered, but it is for us to choose and this free will is part of His incredible love for us.  

The best way to get to know Him is through His words in the scriptures.  The Bible has a lot of information and some great examples of God's love and His power.   

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